Jubilee Cross Cultural

We host Jubilee Cross Cultural to promote discipleship for students of color. We want students to recognize their role in global leadership in light of the connection between faith & vocation. The conference breakout sessions emphasize ethnic and cultural backgrounds as unique gifts from God.


Jubilee Cross-Cultural | A Panel Discussion with Christena Cleveland, Scott Hwang, and Ricardo Tavárez
Living in a Post-Ferguson World

Jubilee Africana | Todd Allen
Conversations in Courage: An interview with Ms. Rutha Harris

Jubilee Asia | Scott Hwang
The Root of Perfectionism

Jubilee Latino | Ricardo Tavárez
Living in Spanglish


Friday Night Late Night | Dance!

Saturday Night Dinner \ A Taste of Culture
The cost is $6. Please pre-register here.

Saturday Night Late Night | Liturgy of Reconciliation: A Corporate Time of Prayer for Healing and Justice